Tuesday, 15 March 2011

♥ Introduce youu.. (^,^)

Hey hey hello :)
Guys, thanks fr visiting my blog. This blog is belong to Ms Ida Sharina, yeah its me. :) I'm 16 fr this real suck year, 2011. My birthday's on 2nd July 95'. I'm stay at Johore. I've got pretty awesome family, but quite not sometimes. A couple of cat, couple of betta fish. But my betta fish sudah arwah. It's all because of my real damn pemalas n lurus macam penyapu maid! Nak tukar air ikan tk bagitau, (argh, mati ikan aku) o,o' I love my girlfriends, damn they cool. They always make me smile, thanks. I'm quite a friendly person, but people who dont know me well, they will describe me as 'sombong'. Really ? And i'm bit gediks n ngade ngade*pengakuan berani mati. What ? Kutuk belakang ? Hell, do i care ? Not at all, p lantak hang laa. Selagi tk menyusahkan hidup aku, thats alright. But don't worry, i'll ruin your life :) And thanks fr the people that always have respect on me. Hey, have to pen-off, follow tau. muahhh. :)

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